Model Home Staging

Model Home Staging, what is the buzz all about?  You have seen it on HGTV.  Your friends, realtor, or family members mentioned it to you.  You still do not know what the hype is about.  After all, you sold your last home and staging was not a household word.  Well today staging is a household world.  Let’s bring you up to speed by defining staging.  Staging is the interpretation of the message a home is sending to a potential buyer.  Staging is the art and science of presenting a home in its best light…if it looks good then it will feel good.  The goal of staging is to decrease the listing time and increase the selling price.  Okay, I understand the definition but I still do not understand why I cannot stage my home myself or have my girlfriend, who has an eye for decorating, stage my home.  Yes, HGTV and magazines are talking about staging and flipping a home.  Let me explain why you should consider hiring a staging professional?  In the next article, we will share information regarding flipping a house, but let’s stay focused on staging for now.

First, you must understand what a Staging Professional does.  A Staging Professional is a visual inspector.  He/she does more than clear the counter tops, remove the visual clutter and take down family photos.  The Staging Professional looks for cosmetic flaws that will impact the sale of your house.  Next, he/she will assess the overall impression a potential buyer may have of the house including odor in the home from pets and/or mildew and ugly door at the front.  A Staging Professional will offer proven techniques and creative solutions to maximize the selling price.  A One Day Staging Professional will provide you with a detailed checklist of how to turn a negative feature in your home to a selling feature to the potential buyer.  Take for instance, your home has a great view and cozy fireplace but there is only one way to place the furniture.  You have tried every way possible but you still cannot enjoy the view, the fireplace and watch TV.  When a potential buyer visits, they are not sold by the gorgeous view or fireplace because your furniture faces the TV.  Hiring a Staging Professional will help you accentuate the positives in your home and rearrange the furniture to create the best selling points.  After all, selling a home is a combination of competition and seduction.  The potential buyers was sold on the great location now let’s reel this one in and sell them on the features of the house, i.e. cozy fireplace and moonlight skies overlooking the pond in the back of the house.   Realizing, facts may tell…but emotion is what generally sells.

Okay, I understand more than I did before regarding real estate staging/home staging and hiring a professional.  I am not convinced this will work.  I definitely do not want to spend money, just yet.   I need more information.  Not a problem…According to the 2006 National Association of Realtors Staging Statistics,

  • Staged homes sell 50% faster than un-staged homes
  • Staged homes sells for an average of 6.9% to 10% higher over listing price.
  • First reaction happens in less than 10 seconds
  • 35% of homes are viewed in the evening
  • 74% of buyers start with internet searches…therefore, photos are critical

What are the benefits of staging offered by a One Day Staging Professional?  I am glad you asked.  The staging benefits include:

  1. The seller receives an accurate non-emotional assessment of the home that will impact the sell.
  2. The realtor…by listing, showing, and selling the home has a Trophy Home under his/her belt.
  3. The buyer purchases a “turned key” home. No repairs… move in condition.


A Win, Win solution for everyone involved!!!  However, you must understand there are factors that cannot be controlled, i.e. location and market conditions.  Yet, there are factors that can be controlled.  Let Interior Designs by Renee’ help you change the things that can be controlled, i.e. conditions and presentation of the home.  If you are considering selling your home or if it is on the market now, let my firm help you sell it.  Using a detailed checklist, we will walk through your home giving you ideas and suggestions for maximizing your home’s advantages while turning lookers into buyers.  Next, you will receive a written report detailing the items we discussed and your next steps.  Fact: The average buyer walks through 12 homes over a 3 month period.  Staging can make the home memorable.  If they remember your home they will mostly likely buy your home.  Visit the website @ or call Interior Designs by Renee’ at 919.212.3326 to help you sell your home with the buyer in mind.


Model Home Staging